Mushroom Milk

The New New Age


This Mushroom Milk from The New New Age is a delicious blend of dehydrated organic coconut milk and 6 powerful functional mushrooms that makes for a creamy, nourishing drink. 


  • Lion's Mane supports cognition, athletic recovery, and mental clarity
  • Cordyceps have been shown to help increase energy and stamina, and support athletic performance and recovery
  • Reishi supports immunity, sleep quality, longevity and helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Chaga helps relieve oxidative stress and inflammation

Usage: Mushroom Milk can be consumed in a number of ways, and is great both hot and cold

  • For a sports drink: add 1 tablespoon of Mushroom Milk powder to a cup of cold or hot water. Option to add honey or maple syrup to taste. Shake well.
  • For your morning ritual: add 1-2 tablespoons to your coffee, tea or smoothie for a delicious added boost of coconut and mushroom power.
  • For a smoothie: add 1-2 tablespoons to your go-to recipe. Mushroom Milk pairs especially well with banana-based smooties.

Ingredients: coconut milk powder (cocos nucifera, tapioca, acacia gum), organic cinnamon, organic reishi dual extract, organic chaga dual extract, organic coriolus dual extract, organic cordyceps extract, organic lion's mane extract, organic maitake extract.


What are adaptogens?

Put simply, adaptogens are natural substances that benefit bodily processes, and help the body adapt to stress.

Adaptogens are reported to show long-lasting effects which, unlike stimulants such as caffeine, aren’t followed by a drop in capacity. By acting more gently with fewer peaks and throughs, adaptogens may protect our physical and mental processes both before and after stressful events.

Will I feel a difference right away?

While effects do vary from person to person, generally effects are felt after a few weeks of consistent use.

Meet The New New Age

At Beatrice Society, we only align with brands that share our high standards for quality, sustainability, and science-backed expertise.

How The New New Age Delivers on our Values:


Whether grown at their certified farm facility in rural Ontario, or sourced from another certified organic farm or forager, The New New Age's uses only the highest quality plant material that has either been permaculturally grown, is certified organic, or ethically wildcrafted and never exposed to harmful chemicals or irradiation of any kind.


Inspired by the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, The New New Age practices beyond-organic, ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting guided by permaculture, esoteric herbalism, and Druid traditions. 


The New New Age's products are formulated by Druid herbalist Stephen Hotchkiss, with an emphasis on traditional ethnobotanical applications that celebrate the transformative potency of plant medicine.

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