Peppermint Tincture

St. Francis


A single-ingredient peppermint tincture made with certified organic ingredients.


The St. Francis Peppermint Tincture provides powerful digestive relief, perfect for alleviating indigestion, bloating, nausea, morning sickness, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Peppermint provieds mild, anesthetic action on the intestine.
It is an excellent carminative (relieves flatulence), antispasmodic (helps prevent muscle spasms), and relieves colic.

How to use

Adults & adolescents (14 & over): 1.6 mL (48 drops)

Adolescents (10-13 years): 0.8 mL (24 drops)

Children (5-9 years): 0.4 mL (12 drops)

Children (2-4 years): 0.3 mL (9 drops)

All doses should be taken 3 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach.

Consult a health care practitioner before use if you have gallstones, anaemia, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen or persist


Certified Organic Peppermint (Mentha x piperita, leaf); Distilled water, certified organic alcohol


What are adaptogens?

Put simply, adaptogens are natural substances that benefit bodily processes, and help the body adapt to stress.

Adaptogens are reported to show long-lasting effects which, unlike stimulants such as caffeine, aren’t followed by a drop in capacity. By acting more gently with fewer peaks and throughs, adaptogens may protect our physical and mental processes both before and after stressful events.

Will I feel a difference right away?

While effects do vary from person to person, generally effects are felt after a few weeks of consistent use.

Meet St. Francis

At Beatrice Society, we only align with brands that share our high standards for quality, sustainability, and science-backed expertise.

How St. Francis Delivers on our Values:


St. Francis's proprietary Holistic-Herb™ Approach ensures ingredient quality through: intentional sourcing of high quality herbs, careful control of variables during extraction, and scientific testing to measure the breadth and richness of the extract.


St. Francis is a certified organic family farm. In addition to growing without the use of pesticides or herbacides, their approach is rooted in sustainable farming practices like soil care, crop rotation, and permaculture, which means planning the farm so that it imitates what happens in nature.


St. Francis is led by multigenerational herbal artisans and organic farmers who have spent over 30 years researching and cultivating their knowledge and trade.

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