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Beatrice Society

Included in bundle:
- St. Francis HepatoDR tincture 
- Apothekary chlorella powder
- Harmonic Arts 5 mushroom powder

Adaptogens to aid detox and recovery.

How to use


What are adaptogens?

Put simply, adaptogens are natural substances that benefit bodily processes, and help the body adapt to stress.

Adaptogens are reported to show long-lasting effects which, unlike stimulants such as caffeine, aren’t followed by a drop in capacity. By acting more gently with fewer peaks and throughs, adaptogens may protect our physical and mental processes both before and after stressful events.

Will I feel a difference right away?

While effects do vary from person to person, generally effects are felt after a few weeks of consistent use.


Certified Organic

Non - GMO

Gluten - Free


Beatrice Society & Subtext Coffee Roasters

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